Nefariant Declare War

By Jason Lekberg

Nefariant Declare War

Dearly Beloved. Single 4 of 7, On War, is out now. Our good friend, author and commentator William Berger described this song best when he said the following in our bio.

In his philosophical treatise “On War”, von Clausewitz said “war dreams of itself”. The eponymous song sounds like the story it’s telling: the march goes on, much at the end as it was in the beginning, without clear goals or guarantees of victory or defeat. It essentially uses the sounds and signs of war to declare war on war. The insistent beat does not change and seemingly cannot end. In its aversion to melodic flights of fancy, the song warns us against romanticizing our own deaths/defeats in whatever great struggle engages us.

If you have pre-ordered Noct there will be a link to download On War in your inboxes now. If you haven't pre-ordered it yet, you can do so right here for free and you will immediately receive all 4 songs we've already released as well as the coming 3 as they are released. You can also stream On War, and all our music, by clicking here and selecting your favorite service.

If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, you can now watch the visualizer for our 2nd single Legend featuring footage of us performing the song at our show at Union Pool a few months ago.