Going blind watching this rising sun
Russian roulette with bulleit but no gun
All the dreams lost and undone
I’m as violent as they come

Been bad since day one
Livin’ this death wish
Cause none of this will last
Full on black hat now
Wilder than I should ever be
Fighting instinct to be part of society

Creeping in
A place I never thought I’d be
Dark, blackening this stone heart
These teeth
Filed down to a point
Ground, clenched
And bleeding through
I’m Feral
And I need a shorter leash

Ballerinas and Lambos
Brazilians and black lipstick
Let’s add another of each of those
Let the whisky find the core of me

Titanics always sink and
I’m aiming for every iceberg
Didn’t get to choose my first breath
Let’s see if I can find my last

Self-destruction is so seductive
Self-destruction is so seductive

Lived my life like a dog at the end of a chain
Muscles burn, eyes bloodshot from the strain
You better hope
You better hope I don’t break free
Can’t help but growl
Every time I’m near you

Can’t you tell I’m asking you to ruin me
I can smell that you want to