Survive Till Sunrise

Sleep you protector
Why have you forsaken me?
If only I could function not needing you
Running on depleted resources
I'm losing strength exponentially
Sometimes I don't know how I
Survive till sunrise

The silence of weight, wait
The weight of years endears
Counting seconds in dead skin
Trading pain for pain
I will survive till sunrise
Hold on, survive till sunrise
You can, you will, you must
Survive till sunrise

Somehow sick without ever intending to be
Somehow sick despite all the effort to the contrary
Everything unknown seems magnificent
This future fantasy fallacy beckons me
Beautiful decomposition
And I can’t wait to die

Prone, limp and useless
Unresponsive to this emotion
Looking for a place to hide
If I abuse you for my solace
It's only because I have to
I don’t fear death
I’m afraid of time