You hung the moon
I can hear it choking

Unlike a Broken clock thats right twice
If we’re taking stock, you never have been
Just a matter of time
Just a matter of perspective

But it’s so easy isn’t it?
The baby that’s the best thing you ever did
Was easier than actually executing
Any semblance of those dreams you had

But it’s so easy isn’t it?
The human you don’t understand
Makes a convenient enemy
Instead of an opportunity to reflect and grow

Can’t act like you know
When you don’t know what you don’t know
On a direct dive straight to the bottom
No attempt to learn to swim
Where do I even begin?

If there’s a kill switch
You can’t wait to push it
And those scars justify
Your willingness to die
But only enough to
Elicit sympathy

But it’s so easy isn’t it?
Your god, her book and church
Remove the need to be accountable
For all the choices you’ve made and ever will make

2020 Jason Lekberg