Nefariant News

Our debut music is out now!

We are excited to announce the release of our first 3 songs.  You can buy them digitally here on this site, or at the streaming/download location of your choice here: Strings on the album were recorded by Earl Maneein...

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Who Are Nefariant

Nefariant is an all new, NYC based metal band comprised of dedicated, seasoned musicians. Nefariant is: (left to right)Rob Broderick - Bass (Prime Evil, ex-IKILLYA)  Paul Cibrano - Piano  Jason Lekberg - Vocals (ex-IKILLYA)  Dustin Tooker - Guitars (ex-Grade8)  Drew Maciejewski - Drums (ex-IKILLYA)...

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Nefariant Manifesto

What is Nefariant? Nefariant means to unapologetically be yourself, to see failure as an opportunity, to follow your own path regardless of public opinion. Those who are Nefariant get kicked in the teeth and smile back. It’s knowing that you...

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Nefariant Tour Dates

No upcoming events